Why I became a Virtual Assistant

When I had achieved a position to which every executive secretary can aspire (to be the secretary to the CEO of a multinational company) I realized that my working life did not fully satisfy me … I had a potential that for some reason could not develop, and furthermore, I wanted to achieve a balance between work and family life, so I realized I had to stimulate myself and I had to do something different. foto alicia

There was a long period of reflection, during which compiled information and tried to see what I could do with all the knowledge and tools I already had.

During that search I discovered this growing new industry (the Virtual Assistance) and I decided to take the leap.

Without doubt there were different opinions about my decision. Some people thought that it was not a good choice, since being a 50 year old woman with a good job; according them it didn’t make sense to run de risk of this new adventure, instead of staying with what was safe (not always staying within the comfort zone is good).

On the other hand, others encouraged me. And that was how with excitement and enthusiasm I became a Virtual Assistant.

Once taken my decision the next step was to be trained, not in those things a secretary needs, but in those things a needed to run my business (Internet Marketing and Strategic Planning among other things) and in those things that I was sure my clients would demand (Google Products, Hootsuite, Social average, Dropbox, Basecamp, WordPress, etc).

Being well trained is a must for any entrepreneur

I’m not going to deny that my decision had many challenges. The fact of finding clients and having to learn to handle my money in a different way were two of the most important challenges.

Undoubtedly the beginnings were not easy. It took me 4 months to get my first client… but when it happened I can’t explain the happiness I felt.

Like everything, this profession has its pros and cons. Sometimes I miss the conversations with peers, or going for a coffee together … On the other hand, the fact of not having any fixed schedules or bosses gives me freedom and peace.

However, this profession allows me to create and carry out my own ideas. Being an entrepreneur involves sacrifice but also gives an extra motivation.

When a client says that she or he can now devote more time to her or his personal life because he or she lays many issues in my business, that generates a great personal satisfaction.

Since I started working as Virtual Assistant I:

Do tasks and projects that make my heart feel happy

Never stop learning and growing

Spend money to make money (sometimes you need to invest some money to make your business grow)

Give time to my business (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business). Kept moving forward every day. Even if it’s millimeters.

Summarizing, in my search I discovered the talent I had, what I could offer to others, I developed a clear and methodical plan of action to make my idea real. Certainly, I added big doses of motivation, optimism and desire for achieving my aim.

I hope my story can provide inspiration to others.

firma alicia


Alicia Diaz
ALD Group – Virtual Assistance