Benefits of Video Marketing

Today there are several ways to have presence on the web. One of the most successful ways to attract customers is video marketing.

Video allows original presentations explaining directly what the product or service is about. Additionally video marketing offers new opportunities to promote products and establishing new channels of communication with customers.

The main benefits of video marketing are:Video Marketing

Attracts a large audience: Video Marketing allows you to extend the reach of your message. People prefer to watch what is explained in a video, than reading a whole book of instructions, which can sometimes be difficult to understand.

It is very real: Customers can not only receive more information but have the ability to see with their own eyes. Displaying a video presentation of a product or service, the customer is more likely to appreciate the benefits of the product, so they can decide if they need it or not.

Creates more interest: people prefer to click on a video link because it’s usually associated with leisure.

Builds confidence: is proven that knowing the functioning of a product or the characteristics of a service, potential customers will be more likely to buy.

Increases the duration of the visits to your site: adding a video to your website will increase the time people stay on your site also increasing the possibility that they contact you for information or buying a product or service.

Humanizes the company: video makes easier the relationship with the public, and allows a more personalized and “human” communication.

Is easy to use: All you need is a video camera, a webcam or even a phone that has a good image resolution. The video does not necessarily have to be like the last production of a film, as what matters is the information you will transmit on that video.

Promotes interactivity: you can use video to encourage clients to express their opinions and share their ideas and suggestions.

In my next post you will see some tips for a good video marketing campaign

Do you also think  video marketing can help your business?


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