What can you Outsource to a Generalist Virtual Assistant?

One of the problems faced by entrepreneurs is trying to do all by themselves in their business. They seem to believe they are super heroes. If that’s your case … it is possible that after a while you realize that trying to do all the work by yourself will take much longer to achieve the success you want and can even take you to failure.

What is the solution? Just get more out of your time hiring Virtual Assistants to be part of your team instead of trying to do everything yourself. outsource

Many people are reluctant to delegate. However, after talking to many prospects I could realise that the real problem they are reluctant to delegate is that they have no idea what are the tasks that can be outsourced.

With this in mind I decided to write this post to give a general idea of which tasks can be assigned to Generalist Virtual Assistant.

Such assistants will help you have more time, easing your stress and allowing you to focus on what is really important for your business.

Here you will find a list of tasks that can be outsourced to a Generalist Virtual Assistant

Email Management: If you are a small business you may have to interact with many of your customers. A Virtual Assistant can filter your email, deleting the spam, redirecting you those emails that may be important to you and even answer some emails with predefined templates.

Receptionist tasks: As a business owner you may have to spend much time answering phone calls. This can be exhausting and a real waste of time, so it is better to hire someone to answer calls and support your customers.

Book and remember client appointments: unless you’re a super-organized person, ideally, give your clients your Virtual Assistant contact information so they can contact her and it will be she who now list any appointment that you must attend.

Managing Your Calendar: Your assistant can remind you not only your appointments but also some tasks you must perform, when sending quotes, when something should be sent to a customer, when it is necessary to contact a prospect, etc..

Being the liaison between you and your team: many entrepreneurs have more than one Virtual Assistant to perform different functions. Your Generalist Virtual Assistant can be the liaison between you and the rest of your team so that tasks are met in a timely manner.

Set autoresponders: if you have an online business, having autoresponders like Aweber or MailChimp is almost a necessity. A Virtual Assistant can handle this by setting the opt-in form and programming all the messages you want to be sent.

Creating and Managing Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets are very useful for analyzing budgets, contact management, inventory, reports, data, etc.. A Virtual Assistant can help you create and format custom spreadsheets.

File Management: We live in a world where there are many things that distract us throughout our workday. Being organized is as important as being productive. Your assistant can help you systematize and implement a series of processes to help, such as file management using Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc..

Research on specific topics for blog articles, newsletters or other: as an entrepreneur is essential to do a lot of research related to your business; however this can be time consuming. This is an area where you can use a Virtual Assistant, who will do the research, download the needed files or internet material (she can even give you ideas for your blog).

Create databases (eg, updating email or contact lists in their CRM) Any organization, whether small or large can have a lot of data to be stored and managed for any future use. Hiring a virtual assistant for the job can save your time.

Prepare PowerPoint presentations: You must hold a conference or just a presentation to a client? Give your assistant the necessary content and she can prepare the presentation you need.

Personal errands (such as online buying gifts), whether for a special occasion, or to say “thank you to special client” make your Virtual Assistant investigate what they can buy and even make the purchase for you.

Booking flight and hotel: your Assistant can find the best prices and locations according to the dates and budgets you indicate to her, and even make the appropriate reservations.

Contents transcripts: teleseminar, podcasts have become almost a standard for online business and to add value to the service now offered transcripts of audios. So if you need to transcribe seminars, voicemails, videos, podcasts, etc your Virtual Assistant can do it for you.

Setting up, managing and updating your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube): You can assign the task of managing all your social networking accounts on behalf of your business.

Publish your blog posts, if your virtual assistant has the basic WordPress skills she can publish your blog posts with content you want to publish.

Filter and respond to comments on your blog: answering to all comments on your blog is a good practice, but is definitely a time consuming task. This is something that you should delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

Reply Support Tickets: If you are using Zendesk or other customer service software, your Virtual Assistant can help you answer your ticket.

Commenting on blogs: if you need to increase the number of links to your website, you can assign your Virtual Assistant the task of commenting on blogs (if possible, of your same topic)

When you hire a VA take the following into account:
1 – Although the Virtual Assistant you hire knows how to do all the tasks I just mentioned, surely you will have to train her in order to know the policies of your business, maybe even using some program that she has not used before.
2 – When you assign her a task give her the accurate instructions and details she needs so she can do the job properly.
3 – Keep in contact with your Virtual Assistant. She may need to ask you questions about a task or project and need your cooperation to complete this task.
4 – Give your feedback. If a task is not completed as your expected, have your Virtual Assistant know so she can do better next time.

Do you have other tasks to add to the list? Do not forget to leave your comments!

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