Different Types of Virtual Assistants

In my previous post I told you what is a Virtual Assistant (if you have not read it yet you can do so by clicking here) and how she can help you achieve the maximum performance of your business, therefore, you may have noticed that hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of the best investments for your business.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is not as simple as most people think. Like any other job, the Virtual Assistant can not do everything.Team

It is important to have a clear idea of what tasks you need to delegate to your Virtual Assistant so she can work effectively. Remember that knowing the tasks to assign to your Virtual Assistant can help you set the right expectations, both for yourself and for your Virtual Assistant.

There are two different types of virtual assistance services:

  1. Generalist Virtual Assistant
  2. Virtual Assistant specializing

Below is a list of tasks for each type of Virtual Assistant.

Generalist Virtual Assistants:
These are the basic services that are commonly outsourced by small businesses, and may include:

  • Business correspondence:
  • Making shipments
  • Spreadsheets
  • Travel Plan
  • Managing Calendar
  • Client Management
  • Online research
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Management of contacts
  • Email Management
  • Calls and voice mail management
  • Billing and Accounting

Remember that these are just some of the tasks a Generalist Virtual Assistant can perform. You’ll see in another post that you can delegate many more tasks to this type of assistant.

The following are some of the tasks performed by specialized Virtual Assistants:

Specialists in Real Estate Assistants: support real estate agents, developers and brokers can; provide a range of specialized services to these professionals. Some of the specific tasks performed by a real estate wizard include: All aspects of listing a property for sale, both online and offline, Coordination of sales transactions, Market research and competitive analysis. Knowing the real estate terms

Virtual Assistant in technical areas: provide services such as Website creation, WordPress, Plugins update, Publish content on blogs, Creating newsletters

Virtual Assistants Social media specialist: There are virtual assistants who can post to your social networks for you, make connections and promote through their own networks of social marketing. These virtual assistants usually have experience on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and know very well what social network use for your business

Virtual Assistants specializing in marketing: the Virtual Assistant will help you implement a marketing plan, filing notices, track expiration dates, arrange payment and handling correspondence with advertising vendors, continually updating report advertising and / or advertising budget report for review.

Virtual Assistants specialists in content creation: write articles mostly focusing only on production based on keywords provided content. Some other things that writers can do are: SEO writing, directory submission, article spinning, etc.

Assistants that are SEO Specialist: This type of Virtual Assistants handles on-page and off-page optimization of your site (including linkbuilding). They are responsible for increasing the ranking of your site on Google. Other tasks that may be performed include keyword search, analysis of your niche, your competitors analysis, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Pay per click campaigns, publishing your articles on social bookmarking.

Now you have an idea about the different types of Virtual Assistants and the tasks they can offer you depending on their capabilities
Remember that to make a good choice of your Virtual Assistant you must be sure she has the appropriate knowledge for what you need. The key is to determine exactly what your needs are to find the right assistant.

Do you know of any other type of Virtual Assistant? Do not forget to leave your comments!

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