Does fear paralyze you?

Does the title of this post makes you think it should be more related to a psychology blog post? Well, it’s not that true as many people hope to start a business but when the time comes instead of trying to move forward with their project, they get stuck and give up their plans.

Fear is one of the most dangerous and paralyzing obstacles that exist (I myself lived that experience). Fear is a natural reaction of our body that prepares us to avoid danger. The problem is when that reaction comes up when dangers do not exist yet.  

Have you ever said something like this?

I do not know how to start. (If you read a lot, you learn and you plan you will know how to start).
I don’t know how to plan. (If you start writing down your ideas you will get the plan).
I’m afraid of failure. (believe me, it’s worst if you don’t try).
I don’t want to lose my job. (You don’t need to resign right now; you can start little by little. In fact I did that way)
I have little kids. (Don’t use your children as an excuse; they must be your motivation).
What if things go wrong? (You should always have a plan B)
What if I lose my money and my job? (You can always try again, or find another job).
And if customers fail? (If you do a good market research; after some time customers will arrive)

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid fear.

Avoid staying in your comfort zones
Most people tend to avoid uncomfortable situations. If you want to succeed, learn to be comfortable, even when you’re outside your comfort zone. It can terrify you, but it is not going to kill you.

Keep your successes in mind
One of the best ways to overcome fear of failure is to remember past successes. If you are obsessed with your weaknesses, put that energy to re-examine the successes and achievements of the past. How did you feel? If you can leverage your successes of the past and relive what you felt at that time, you will feel more confident with a view to the upcoming challenges.

Do not pay attention to fear
The best way to avoid paying attention to fear is to think about something else.
Think about how to achieve your goals. Plan something that makes you feel good: a journey, new plans to achieve your goals, etc.
It worked for me to work on my projects. While I’m distracted working I do not think about things I shouldn’t think about, and besides I do something that brings me closer to what I want to achieve.

Always have alternative plans.
Having several alternative plans for several possible eventualities will avoid most of your fears, in addition to the development of these plans will divert attention from the feeling of fear.
That will give you security, will make you feel supported and will prevent your fears arise.

Find what motivates you
It is important to remember why you decided to start your business. Focus on your dream (and not your fears); you will definitely change your doubts for your impulse to follow your desire.

Always try to be in contact with positive things and people.
Participate in small business groups to accede to ideas and experiences beyond yours. Surround yourself with professionals, with other like-minded entrepreneurs to remember you’re not alone. Read books of big businessmen, with positive mental attitude, watch movies, and attend seminars for entrepreneurs. This will help you gain greater personal security.

Do not let your excuses and fear make you settle for less than you want. You have the right to enjoy all areas of your life (including work)



Alicia Diaz
ALD Group – Virtual Assistance