Give yourself a break. Hire a VA

Is your “To do list” longer than your arm?. Are you so busy taking care of the urgency that you never get to the important things? Have you considered getting some help, but then think, “I can not afford it” or “No one can do things as well as I do”? If so, you have much in common with most other small business owners. Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

Owning your own business is a great achievement and requires you to wear a lot of hats: owner, salesman, finance manager, manufacturer or customer service, etc.. The use of all these hats leads to a state of exhaustion or overwhelming, and the love, and passion that made you start your own business in the first place, ends drowned by all the details.

If you want to grow your business and keep your sanity, there are two things you need to accept:Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

1. Delegating is not only acceptable but essential to your survival.

2. A Virtual Assistant is an investment for your business – not just an expense.

Consider the following scenario:

You own a small business as a marketing guru making $ 150/hour. Your web site crashes and will use the next five hours calling your webmaster, testing various links, doing what you can to get your site running again. The five hours that you have just used are priced at $ 750.

If you had a virtual assistant to whom you pay $ 50 per hour and solves the problem in four hours (she would be 100% focused on this task and has probably has solved similar problems for other clients), the cost would be $ 200.

Over the next week, keep track of time and of everything you do using a Free Productivity Tracker. Then sit down and make a list of all the tasks you do or should not do or dislike doing them. Here are some things that immediately come to mind:

Maintenance of your website

Accounting – both customer billing and payment of bills, bookkeeping, preparing expense reports, etc.

  • Shipping items
  • Investigate the competition
  • Maintaining your mailing list – online and offline
  • Coordination of activities of vendors
  • Reminding you about birthdays, make arrangements for sending cards or gifts
  • The use of hours on the phone with any kind of support from vendors
  • * Creation and distribution of letters
  • * Management of all your travel arrangements – business and personal
  • * Scheduling meetings, conference calls, etc.
  • * Designing presentations for client meetings (eg, PowerPoint)
  • Ordering office supplies, promotional items
  • Placing advertising – online and offline
  • The management of shipments to customers – informed about promotions, holiday sales, etc.

The list is endless…

You think you can afford a Virtual Assistant?

The first thing to remember is that virtual assistants charge only for the actual time used in their projects and most likely will not need to hire full time.

To a traditional employee you would pay a salary, vacation, desk and office space, pay for training, pay payroll taxes, equipment and software, etc.

With a Virtual Assistant, you are paying an independent contractor who owns her own business and her charges are only for the time she works on your projects, owns her office and equipment, pays her own taxes, and is trained in multiple applications software and loves what she does.

Virtual Assistants are self-motivated and focused on getting things done FOR YOU. This will greatly contribute to free up your time to focus on marketing your business, to grow your business.

In view of the above, you consider you can not afford to hire an assistant?

About the Author

Online Business Success Coach & Entrepreneur, Sandra Martini teaches small business owners how to create more success in their business, while maintaining your sanity and fun.

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