Nobody cares about my blog

We can talk a lot about the selection of our niche, search engine optimizing and other issues, but we will see how we are communicating with other through our blog.

Most bloggers start writing and expect people to take notice and begin visiting their blogs. Most likely this will not happen

We all know that communication is to make an idea come to another person and is fully understood and that to complete this process is necessary to demonstrate that the information has been received and understood.

In addition we must add the importance of saying something that people want and put it in a nice way. When you combine sympathy with information that people want and an effective communication, in which your thoughts come to your readers, then you will get the attention of people. blog

Blogs are a communication platform and therefore we should talk to our readers. Our job is to give them something worthwhile and make it so that the idea arrive and install on their heads and thus getting people to talk about us. Without some recognition of the audience, we may not be getting good communication.

The work in our blog is to create a relationship with our audience. They need to know they can trust us. Not only you should be considered an authority on the market, but also a trusted friend.

Having a good blog means not only writing words on the blog and expect people to read them, but to speak to our audience and and try that they answer us.

If we are new bloggers and scarcely have readers, we must interact with others in social networks and somehow direct them to our blogs

If we form a group of people that recognize us and have confidence in us and with which we talk regularly (and they respond to us) then we will have succeeded. The rest of our goals as bloggers are very simple.

I would like to know what you think. Leave me a comment!

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Alicia Diaz
ALD Group – Virtual Assistance