Preparing to delegate

Regardless their area of expertise, new business owners often find themselves performing the functions of selling, customer service, webmaster, office manager, and many others. This can be a practical solution, as it is difficult to pay another person to perform these functions when they have time, but not money to spare. However, if all goes well, the day will come when they no longer have time to keep on doing all on theyselves.delegate

Unfortunately, most business owners are not prepared for this day, and as a result, are forced to work harder and more and more hours as they continue performing all tasks.delegar

This situation can be avoided following the strategy described in Michael Gerber’s, bestselling book, “The E-Myth Revisited”. Gerber suggests to get prepared from the beginning for the day that you need to start delegating on your employees or by drawing an organizational chart for your business, with job descriptions for each position. This will identify the jobs can be delegated as your business grows, because you already have prepared descriptions of formal jobs, so the transition will be less stressful and upsetting than when you are forced to, you are overwhelmed and overworked. If you are already at that point, there are steps that can and should be taken into account now if you do not want to get stressed.

First, you need to take time to determine how you are using your working hours. You’ll probably find that most of your activities fit into one of the following categories:

1. The main tasks

The activities that directly contribute to the goals of your business are often the functions of management and as a business owner, should be your top priority. Unfortunately, when you are trying to do everything yourself, these tasks are often neglected by what you must face every day.

2. Essential Functions

You probably use about half of your time in meetings, phone calls, email, reporting, and other activities that are necessary, but not related to the planning and management of your business. Delegate one or more of these routine tasks will free up time for your key tasks, and even let you spend less hours working.

3. Useful functions

Tasks like removing old files should also be considered to be delegated. These activities, although they are not essential to your business, often make your work environment more efficient and / or more enjoyable in the long run.

Once you start tracking your activities, you will be surprised to realize how much time you used in looking for papers or misplaced items, deal with interruptions, and perform other tasks that don’t contribute to your business. Taking time to identify these non-productive activities and developing strategies to eliminate them not only allow you to work more efficiently, but also gives you time to organize your work so that you can delegate more easily.

The next step is to review the essential and useful tasks you identified in step 1, and the list of those who may be able to delegate. If desired, you can begin with the ones you dislike, those for which you have no skills, or those that are less expensive to pay someone else to do them. Once you have determined which will have the greatest impact on your time and stress management, you can begin to be aware of the possibility to delegate and any other action that may be necessary to outsource the task.

The steps described above deal with the practical side of being willing to delegate, but for many business owners, there is another side that is equally, if not more challenging. When you are used to doing everything yourself, it can be difficult to give up control, fearing that no one will do things exactly as you do. For some, the delegation for the first time can be as emotionally wrenching as a parent who leaves a child with a babysitter for the first time, but as time away from you is essential for your child’s development, delegation is equally vital for the growth of your business. Once you accept this fact and begin to delegate, never look back. Many of my clients have expressed how they felt liberated after they started using my virtual assistant services.

Be prepared to delegate – get ready to grow!

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Janet Barclay, is a Master Virtual Assistant and founder of Organized Assistant, Virtual Assistance and provides web services to coaches, professional organizers and other small businesses. Learn more about Janet and her business visiting her site Websitehttp :/ / and blog.

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