Promote your business on social networks

Use social media to promote your business. It is not only a low cost marketing tool, but highly effective too. You can use social media to:

Promote your brand and business

Find out what customers think of your business

Attracting new customers

Build stronger relationships with existing customers.networks

Here there are some tips for using social media, so you can create not only a lasting relationship with your audience but also to help you promote your business and find more customers.

Create a Facebook page , a Twitter account and Google+ page . Create a short biography about your business , indicating always what is its purpose and highlighting your services , products and offers .

Be Active: Answere all your customers , invite your friends to join your new Facebook page and generate interaction. Create a social network and not interacting is not only useless, but a complete waste of time. Include cordial welcome messages to all new members.

Do not use your new social network just to talk about your company : that does not give a good image and surely users that have given you their “follow” or “Like” end up leaving your website.

Help others by sharing interesting information , as well as articles and other websites of interest (always related to your topic !) .

Make public that you have a Facebook page, and accounts on Twitter, FourSquare, etc. Frequently leave comments in popular blogs, forums and other social networks. Always leave a link to your pages !

Use tools like TweetDeck and Hootsuite that allow you to automatically update a publication in some or all of your accounts in social networks. Allow distribute your publications in time and schedule for different hours of the day, which is a very good way to save time to promote your business through social media.

Use # Hashtags . Each time you post content , be sure to use accurate # hashtags . This will help users find your account or your posts , they seek information through them . You can also use Hashtags like the Popular Trending Topics for greater visibility.

Keep track of your accounts to give feedback. Focus on the places you’ve identified as important for your business , answer the questions and comments , always trying to be cordial, even if the comment is not nice.

Take part . Twitter and Google+ show the trending topics. Those are the issues that people are talking about. It’s worth finding out what people are talking about in relation to your business, and be part of the discussion. This is a good way to make connections and please people .

Drive traffic to your website , I know it is not good to SPAM , but any Internet user has carefully left a link in some strategic network for visitors .You can share one of your items on a page related to your topic and ask other users , if it seems interesting as them.

Use tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, and monitor statistics . This is key to measuring your traffic. It is very important to make changes to your strategy in areas that are not working well.
Are you already using any social media to promote your business?

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