Throughout my years of experience as a Virtual Assistant, a number of potential clients had some doubts when hiring a VA or not.

These are some of the questions posed to me:

 I’m not an organized person, ¿Can I work with a VA? preguntas

Perfect, one of the functions of a good Virtual Assistant is to plan your accomplishments in one, five years or whatever you want and organize their time and work.dudas

 How I can trust a VA my business?

Much of this will depend on your selection process. Every Virtual Assistant is an independent entrepreneur. This means that you need to carry out your research on the basis of a set of criteria for rating and review. Visit the website of the Virtual Assistant of interest and see which is best qualified to meet your needs.

Beyond that, just a minimum confidence level will be needed, otherwise there will be no basis for the business relationship.

Remember, virtual assistance is an ongoing collaborative relationship. As you continue working together, that initial trust is strengthened.

No one can do it as well as I do.

You would be surprised to see that your Virtual Assistant can do things like you and maybe better.

Virtual Assistants have management software applications and maybe you do not use and time management and organization that can help your business.

 I have no time to train a Virtual Assistant.

The benefit of hiring a Virtual Assistant is that it is not necessary to train her/him. As you start working, your Virtual Assistant will understand your objectives, tasks and procedures that are necessary to you in your business, doing those tasks that do not have time to do or simply do not like to do ..

It is likely that your Virtual Assistant make some suggestions to systematize tasks and thus improve your business.

I can not afford to hire a Virtual Assistant

Each Virtual Assistant has different rates and vary according to experience, and knowledge. Anyway I think the Virtual Assistance should not be measured only by the cost of the time, but should be a mix between cost and category of services they can offer.

Anyway maybe you should think how much could increase your incomes if you had the time to devote to the core business activities rather than use it to perform administrative tasks.

Virtual Assistants usually charge by the hour plans, but for those who have never worked with Virtual Assistants are not yet very determined plan I advise taking a PAYG (pay as you go) paying for the used throughout the month.

Once you pass the test period may be one month and creed is trust between both parties, then it is passed to a payment plan for a certain amount of hours per month.

Not sure I want to work with a virtual assistant.

Many entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent professionals have reservations when hiring a VA.

According to my experience I think is very important after the first contact will surely be via mail, make one or two phone interviews to discuss the needs of the prospective client and see if we can help in some other tasks in addition to those we have originally requested and to assess whether we are able to offer the service you are requesting the potential customer ..

One of my goals when working with a client is to be part of their team and strive for their own goals.

Some of the questions I do to my potential customers are:

• What tasks do they dislike?

• What are they leaving aside because they are performing administrative work?

• What are their objectives in the medium and long term?

• What are their main challenges?

Do you have any question? Contact us and certainly we will answer your concern