Some Quick Information About Online Reputation

For some time now we have hear about online reputation. But … Do you know what online reputation is? How important is it? How to monitor it? And How to work with the negative comments on the web?

Well, here I give you some information. 

What is online reputation?
You know that internet works without rest. During the 24 hours a day, every day of the year, information, reviews, and comments about different products, services, people and businesses are dumped in the internet.

Google (to name one of the search engines), links those comments you’re your company, product, service or person.

All such information related to your company or product is what is called online reputation. The monitoring and control of all this information is what we call online reputation management.

The online reputation is based is seeking views, experiences and opinions about any kind of person or brand (product / service), this search can be performed on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, as well as directly on Google .

The results obtained by performing such a search, are often decisive in the opinion of users who wish to buy or hire your products or services, as well as when a company decides to hire us.

Why is it so important?
Building a brand has a huge advertising and marketing costs, and a complex process of creating advertising campaigns and communication media of all kinds. In this context, the Internet and new platforms of social participation have new and modern tools for the internet user to review, inform review, and communicate.
The online reputation is thus a double-edged sword. For corporate a good management of it is synonymous of a customer loyalty towards the products of a company or brand while mismanagement could lead to customer distrust, and a consequent decrease in earnings to the company. Moreover, as individuals online reputation can give us to know as pleasant people to other persons, but bad reviews can cause us problems from unknown people up to be victims of cyber-bullying and defamation.

How can you work online reputation?
Your Online Reputation is the perception others have of us and that was generated through the content exchange, your profiles on social networking and content you provide to other pages or forums. It reflects the prestige you have and that you have earned through your interaction with others online. We all aspire to have a good online Reputation.

The good reputation generates benefits, but on the contrary, poor online reputation generates losses. The online reputation crisis should be resolved immediately, because it grows like a snowball and affects your reputation.

It is necessary to monitor in real time what is happening with your reputation in the network to be aware of potential attacks on your reputation. You should know what is said about your brand, who says it, if the comments are positive, shift negative comments, manage crisis, etc.

Online reputation works in three phases:

1. The first essential step to work on this image online is to know everything that is said on the net about us or your company and where it is located. Summarizing, you should know, the number and sites in which appears the related information.

2). In the second phase you must analyze the nature of that information, prioritizing the negative messages as the most important for its “control” and follow up.

3). The last phase is to work on those negative messages so that they do not appear again. This is a mixed media, public relations and SEO work.

How to monitor your online reputation
As I have said the online reputation management is a series of actions in order to improve your company reputation on the net. Sometimes, dissatisfied customers, competitors or others speak badly of your company. But how do you know that people are saying about you?

There are several tools and techniques to ensure that your online presence reflects who you are. The fundamental fact is that to maintain your online reputation in hard time of digital crisis and before starting the plan to save it, you must know and control what is said about your company on the Internet and networks.

There are some free easy tools you can use

Talkwalker is an alert system and a simple way to monitor any subject on the web. It send mail updates of postings on the web about you, your brand or a competitor.

Google Alerts 
Probably the best known of all, Google Alerts provides similar functionality to Talkwalker alerts. However, Google Alerts lately experienced some reliability problems and lack of consistency. Not bad if you complete with another tool.

Social Mention
It is an increasingly popular social networks monitoring tool. Provides analysis of the positive or negative nature about what is said about you on the web

Who’s Talking
It is a unique tool for social networking, it is not necessary to create an account, what you have to do is to write your name or your company name to know what people is saying about us or your brand through the social networks.

Here you identify and interact with users who have influence on the opinions and decisions of others, the so-called opinion leaders. In this way, you get in contact with relevant topics around the world and you can position your brand in a better way.

This tool not only allows you to monitor your brand, it also allows us to solve the problems you have with Google, eliminating negative comments about your brand on the net

In my next post I’ll talk about how to achieve a good online reputation and how to deal with the bad reputation. Meanwhile do not forget to leave your comments



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ALD Group – Virtual Assistance

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