How to start delegating?

There is no doubt that knowing how to delegate ; is a key to success and there is no doubt about it, but the fact is quite difficult is to delegate for most entrepreneurs.

There is no doubt either that knowing how to delegate is crucial for business success and to achieve a healthy balance between work and personal life. A company formed and run by one person can not do everything that should be done and even can lead to unhappiness and some family friction. delegate2

So my advice to all those who are not yet accustomed to do, is to begin to delegate and will see the difference.

Some people ask me what should I delegate?
I always recommend to delegate tasks that do not bring any revenue. You can delegate administrative tasks, marketing tasks, logistics, etc..
The objective to delegate is not only that another person do a particular task, but that business owners can focus on those tasks that can be more productive.

And … how to start delegating??
1) The premise # 1 is to be convinced that you want to start delegating.
It’s necessary to admit that you can do all the things you like to do, and stop trying to do it all alone.
2) Decide what tasks you can delegate.
My advice is to make an analysis of the things you consider you need help or those things you dislike doing. You could start by delegating such tasks. Remember not to delegate the main tasks of the company (those that generate money)
3. Where to find people who you can delegate?
Find reliable people requires some search. You can start by asking friends, family and other business people in forums in your niche, etc..

It is good to investigate the potential candidate and find out about their references.

Tips to delegate successfully
• Be as specific as possible about the tasks to delegate.
It is not simply hiring a person and tell her you need some help and then complain because she has not met your expectations if you haven’t informed about the business and the tasks you want to be performed.
• Let someone else do it.
It has happened to me in some occasions (especially when our working relationship was just beginning) that some of my clients were on vacation and called me several times a day. You need to realize that when delegate a task, that task is literally in the hands of the other person.
• Start by delegating one thing at a time.
If you still do not feel very comfortable with the fact o f delegating, you can start delegating one. As you see the results of those things that you delegate, you will feel more comfortable delegating and then you’re ready to delegate more.
• Do not give up too quickly.
If the first person you hire is not competent don’t give up. Try to find someone else. You wil not necessarily find the right person at the first attempt , but you must insist and find the right person.
Many small business owners do not agree with the fact of delegating, but if we want our businesses and our personal lives to progress, we must necessarily learn to delegate.

So have you decided to start delegating?

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Alicia Diaz

ALD Group – Virtual Assistance