Video Marketing Tips (Part II)

In this new post I bring you new ideas, which in my opinion can make your videos have more exposure and be better positioned. I invite you to read my previous post on this subject, if your haven’t seen it yet.

Use the Video to strengthen your brand: Place your company logo highlighted somewhere on the screen. You can do this at any time, or during key moments in the videoVideo Marketing

Set and watch for your Youtube channel: remember that as in other social networks we use for Marketing Content, it is important that people have a good experience on your YouTube channel.

Complete channel settings with a nice picture and the same for the YouTube user .

Check your account and activate the necessary functions for your content .

Use in- video programming , especially the option to include the watermark with the logo of your brand or company.

The importance of our channel will depend largely on how regularly you post videos. As always , consistency is an unavoidable factor if we want to acquire some relevance and authority in any social network.

Encourage people to subscribe to your channel, as it is a factor taken into account when determining the importance of a channel within YouTube and remember always to encourage the audience to participate.
Youtube is not all: while most people post their videos on YouTube, you should always be sure to integrate the video into your own website. Remember that this will increase the amount of time people spend on your website and help you grow your captive audience. In addition, Google’s algorithms consider how many times your YouTube videos are shared. This is important to gain positions in Google search results.

There are other video platforms Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc.. Do not just post your video on YouTube only.

Encourage people to share: In video marketing one of the most important issues are the relationships with influential people in your niche, so share it in the most appropriate networks, allow embedding your video on an external page from YouTube and give all the possible spread through groups and communities. Do not forget to share it periodically to maintain some activity around your video.

Also, you can mention in the description of your videos that everyone is free to share the videos on their social profiles or on their blogs or websites.

Interact with those who see your video: Answer and thank the people who leave comments on your videos, create conversation and debate. It is quite likely that you will get valuable information from that feedback which will help you new content in the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to answer comments with new videos, it is a very effective way to engage your subscribers.

Use Youtube and Google+: is likely to help us to give visibility to our channel through our Google + page, if we want to position our selves. The process of linking YouTube and Google + is more or less simple and you can find the instructions easily on the internet. Once done, you will have the chance to transmit live your hungouts through your YouTube. Your channel will be seen directly through your Google + page, and you will be able to share your content with your specific circles.

Set up video live conferences using Google Hangouts: With Google Hangouts, you have a huge opportunity to increase your credibility and trust with your audience by setting up live virtual events, online conferences, allowing people to see you live and they can even ask you the questions they want.

Once you have an account on Google +, you can perform tests by accessing this link: and clicking on the link that says “start a hangout”

10 people can talk simultaneously and show their faces in a Hangout, where the organizer can also choose to share his screen or any document.

What do you think about these tricks to attract more traffic to your videos?

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Alicia Diaz
ALD Group – Virtual Assistance