Video Marketing Tips (Part I)

In our previous post we talked about the benefits of video marketing. You can read it through this link Today I’ll give you some tricks to make your video marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Here are some tips:

Use the Video to strengthen your brand: Place your company logo highlighted somewhere on the screen. You can do this at any time, or during key moments in the video  Video Marketing

Use impressive titles: if we want to make people feel attracted to watch our video we must attract them through good title.

You can use tools such as Google Adwords to make sure your keywords have a good number of searches, and choose the one that has less competition. Also use the suggested searches that YouTube offers.

Beware about the video length: remember that people receive too much information throughout the day, so we must be sure that our video is easy to understand and enjoyable for the audience

Valuable contents: Take time to think about your target audience. What may be interested? What can you teach? This is important because knowing that you will not only offer valuable content but also show your knowledge and skills, and over time you will position yourself as an expert. This is the key to growing your brand. You must bear in mind that no matter how good is the content, if the video is too long, the viewer loses attention. Statistics say that the average length of the most viewed videos is about 3 minutes.

Include the word “video”: You must include the word video in the title and description. This way your post will have more relevance in the general search engines, like Google, since most users include the word “video” in their searches,

Description: Do not just include a link to your website or your social networks. Although search engines are not able to interpret the content of video itself, they index the description and recognize the keywords, so it is a very good idea to transcribe as much content as you can.

If the video is very long (although I remember you that most viewed videos last approximately 3 minutes) you can simply highlight the paragraphs that best define your video. Both search engines, and YouTube show only the first 100 or 150 characters of the description, so make sure the first 2 or 3 sentences are the most relevant and try to include in them the links you need, so that they are easily visible.

Add subtitles: this is a strategy used by many YouTube users. Transcripts can be added easily by clicking the “subtitle” button on the top bar of your video (once we have agreed to our YouTube account) where you can find “information and settings”, “improvements”, “audio” and “annotations”. Once you click on “subtitles” it will appear on the next page an option where you can “upload a subtitle or transcript file.” Clicking here you can upload the video file.

Add annotations: It’s a pretty convenient and a fast way of suggesting content of interest and promoting other videos you already have on your channel, through links and calls to action. It is a very practical way to promote your channel.

Include your URL in the video when editing add a text box in it. This is where you can show the address of your website and is a great way to get exposure. Included it also at the end of the video.

Use the Video to strengthen your brand: Place your company logo highlighted somewhere on the screen. You can do this at any time, or during key moments in the video

I hope these tips are useful to you … and wait for the second part in my next post.

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Alicia Diaz
ALD Group – Asistencia Virtual