Virtual Assistance – Investigate our prospects

Do you answer immediately when you receive a request for services or prospect ask you if you can do certain task?.

Before sending your response is good to do some research about that prospect. Take some time to know him or her. You’ll see that a little research will be very helpful.Researchsearch

Try to do as much research as as you can. Look for the name of the person, the name of his/her company and if possible his/her e-mail. If you find enough information try to see what and how is hisparticipation in social networks.

Have you read any of his articles? Have you seen if someone has written about him?

Do you know what type of business he has?

If after the research, the prospect still seems attractive to you, then send him a reply.

It may seem too much time spent on researching a prospect who we do not even know whether it will become a customer or not, but this type of research can be really advantageous when you contact your potential customer. You can show that you wanted to know about him, what kind of business he carries on, etc, making them see that you’re the kind of person who will be involved in what your customer is doing. This will surely benefit you when your customer have to decide between you and others.

It is acceptable and well seen you mentioning that you have visited his website and tell something that has caught your attention about his business. This will make them see that you have a genuine interest and you are willing to join efforts with him.

If, however, through the information you find you realize he’s not the ideal prospect for you, it is better to know before. than after a time you have been working therefore in any way research has been beneficial.

Do you usually inquire about your prospects? What other way you have to research your prospects?

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Alicia Diaz

ALD Group – Virtual Assistance