What is a Virtual Assistant?

In a traditional office would be an Assistant or Executive Secretary. But in the virtual community, these services are provided by a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants use their own equipment, working freelance and fees are billed for the time used for different tasks performed.

According to the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA). A Virtual Assistant is “an independent professional who provides administrative, creative and / or technical services. Using media technology, a professional Virtual Assistant assists clients in her area of expertise from her own office, framing services on a contractual agreement. “

But, what is a Virtual Assistant? Many times this will be someone who can do some task that you yourself could do but do take much time or do not want to do because you do not feel able (or because you simply DO NOT WANT). Other times it may be someone that assists you on a particular task that you have no experience. In any case, it’s someone who helps you “online”: no contracts, no formalities, no complex selection processes. It is simply hiring those people who work from home and for a lot less than you think.

Why do people hire a Virtual Assistant?
If you are the owner of a small business or even you are a guru in your area and you need to devote all your time to your business and be more productive, then you surely need a virtual assistant so you can have more time to do what you like doing or what you do best and thus grow your business.

These are the best main reasons why you need a highly reliable and qualified virtual assistant to achieve your goals.

  • Not having to hassle with aspects of hiring a regular employee. No need to worry about payroll, social security, insurance, or benefits.
  • Virtual Assistants are all around the world. This means that people have access to a range of different skills such as: language, time zone and culture to choose from.
  • As Virtual Assistants work from their home or any remote location, you don’t need to create a physical work station.
  • Virtual Assistants have their own equipment, so you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment.
  • You save much valuable time you can devote to performe more profitable tasks promoting the growth of your business. There are certain administrative tasks you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant, allowing you have more time to effectively plan the growth of your business in terms of marketing, profitability and establishing stronger relationships. Instead of focusing on your administrative routine, why not hire a VA multi-talented to do these tasks for you so that you can focus more on expanding your business horizons?
  • You don’t need to worry about employee benefits, and payroll. Licenses and taxes are out of the question here as Virtual Assistants work from remote locations. You can pay by the hour or for the duration of a particular project. You can even hire a Virtual Assistant for a full time position for a year or more based on your needs and budget.
  • You keep your high standards, even during busy periods.
  • You finish your projects in a timely manner, accurately and confidentially.
  • You give a more professional image in front of your customers and suppliers.
  • As owner, of her business, the virtual assistant has the ability to analyze your needs with a business perspective.
  • Virtual Assistants have a vested interest in your business because if you don’t succeed, they don’t succeed.
  • A virtual assistant may have skills that you don’t, although you desperately need, but don’t have time to learn

These are just a few reminders of how a Virtual Assistants can positively change the work flow at your business or increase the quality of life that you wish to have for yourself.

In short … Wish you could take a few days off? Would you like to free yourself from some things? Remember that a Virtual Assistant can help you achieve it.

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